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above everything else, do enjoy your time here, and stay a while, will you? oh, and have fun scrolling through my recent ramblings.



June 2018 // in review + ft. the celebrations of one year as a blogger

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okay, so June went by in a flash, time is being really mean to me, and I’ve been blogging for almost a year now.

can you believe that? I, honestly, can’t even believe it’s July, and I don’t think I’m alone on that, am I?

we’re officially HALFWAY through 2018 guys, which also means we’re halfway through summer, and also halfway to 2019. yeah, scary. oh, and the fact that school, for me, is starting NEXT MONTH?? time must be really mad at me or something.

anyways, this month went way too fast for it’s own good. just sayin’.

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J u n e  2018  //  i n  r e v i e w

this past month, I barely kept track of anything. a dance competition, then a convention, following Junior Guards, a sleepover, another weekend full of dance competitions, and then losing my laptop charger while I type up this post on my mother’s computer.

  • but, here’s a quick life update–
  • I spent 2-weeks at the beach for Junior Guards. this was the main highlight of my month, along with being the un-highlight of the month thanks to the wonderful tan and sunburn I got. but, I did get to spend a lot of time with friends and family during this time. shout-outs to Emily’s family, my family, and the wonderful friends we made at Junior Guards!
  • we watched Incredibles 2 with friends from JG. I was so blessed to go watch Incredibles 2 with Em and her family, and a few friends from JG! it was an incredible movie, and the cute Pixar short at the beginning was super! (don’t mind the puns)
  • I started a bullet journal. I am so glad I was able to start one this summer– and I’ve actually kept up with it this past month.
  • I was able to take a few pictures with my polaroid. I haven’t brought out my polaroid in months, and I was lucky to get a few nice shots with it.
  • I hiked a few trails. because hiking is always nice. except for when it’s 100 degrees outside.
  • ran a Harry Potter Marathon with Em, Blake and my brother. and, no it wasn’t an actual marathon, it was a movie marathon.

b l o g g i n g

this month, I was pretty much dead barely active. I’ve had very little time on WordPress at all, hence why this recap post is so late.

Screenshot (65)
this post was my most popular of the month, along with 50 likes, 47 comments, and 78 views in all.

anyway, I’ve been putting this off for a while now, but I’m really happy to announce that it’s almost my first official year of blogging! I’m still contemplating on what to do, but if you have any suggestions, let me know your thoughts in the comments! guys, you have no idea how thankful I am for the blessings blogging has given me. honestly, I owe it all to you for your encouragement and such sweet personalities. each and every one of you are really meaningful to me– thank you so much for sticking with me this long!

b o o k s // w r i t i n g

June was just as bad as May. but, I was able to check off one of the books on my tbr, which is now taller than me *cough*.

  • this past month I read…
  • Trials of Apollo, The Dark Prophecy. this book is the second in the series, Trials of Apollo.
  • The Green Ember is a book that was on my tbr for about a day until Emily persuaded me to buy it. AND. get this. I was able to meet the author in person, plus get it signed by him! I’m not done reading it yet, but I’m workin’ on it.

for writing this month, I wrote a couple of freewrites. ahem, cringy freewrites.  and that’s literally all I did for writing this month.

g o a l s

yay! we can see how amazing I did at accomplishing my goals. look at all of those bright red Xs– just look at them!

June 2018

  • this past month I did a lot of things like…
  • start my summer bullet journal ✔ did that, and am really pleased with my spreads for June!
  • post a summer tbr and bucket list ✔/❌ I posted my bucket list, although I never got around to a tbr. because I’m busyy.
  • read at least 5 books or more ❌ nope. not at all.
  • hopefully post that lettering collab with Em ❌
  • don’t complain about my failures. ✔/❌ I kinda forgot about this one after the first half of the month…
  • post 7 times. ❌ haha, not even close.
  • actually finish my blog design! ✔ I’m done with renovations, but I’m getting really tired of my fonts. they’re a bit overused in my opinion.
  • keep consistent with my Bible reading habits. ❌ I need to get back on track with this.
  • stay in the habit of eating sugar-free for the entire summer! ❌/✔ sorrrttaaa. *cough*

July 2018

  • for July, I’ve got lots of things planned…
  • achieve middle splits with squared hips. this, I’ve been working on for a long time. I’m really close, too!
  • read at least 5 books or more, make a dent in my tbr. my book-reading levels are dropping dramatically, and I need to get it back up before summer’s over.
  • finish the dance competition season strong. the season’s actually already over, but I’ll have to recap that in my July wrap-up…
  • stay productive with extra summer schoolwork. I was never really done with schoolwork because I got behind, but now I really need to stay on top of it.
  • celebrate my one-year blogiversary! I’m so excited! save the date for July 8th or maybe a few days later?
  • start re-reading Harry Potter on Audible. being the true Potterhead I am, I’m going to start re-reading the series.
  • go on my official first road-trip. I’m so blessed to be able to go on my first road trip with Em and her family. ah, I know I do so much with them. but I really can’t help it, since it was our parents’ idea.

and, I think that’s about it.

for now.


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how was your month? // can you believe it’s July? // when does school start for you? // any plans?? // what did you accomplish in June? // let me know your thoughts in the comments!

hope you have a great rest of your week.

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an introduction to bullet journalling + ft. my tips and tricks // plan with me! + a late June BuJo Spread

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I’ve officially started a bullet journal, and I never knew what a great decision it would be.

bullet journaling is such a creative way to organize your life! plus, it adds a bit of your own creativity (and lettering! <3) to planning and organization. if you’re interested in starting a bullet journal, you can read Carol’s post! it gave me such a nice idea of what bullet journaling could be like and gave me good inspiration to start! Pinterest is also a very helpful tool for beginner bullet journalists like me, or even you!

without further ado, I’d like to proudly present my very late June spread and an intro to my brand new bullet journal, featuring some of the many tips and tricks I came across when researching, which might come in handy for you! enjoy!

Screenshot (6)

an introduction to my bullet journal


I officially started bullet journaling on June 8th of 2018! it was a really great decision, and I don’t regret it! bullet journaling isn’t as hard as you would think it would be. and, it all begins with a simple bullet system, which you can spice up to meet your organization needs!

yes, sometimes it is time-consuming, but it leaves you feeling refreshed and organized afterward! all I started off with was a dotted notebook, a few brush pens, and most importantly, just a few pencils and pens, which I keep inside my pencil pouch.


like I said, bullet journalling begins with one simple system that you can switch around to meet your needs. the bullet journal is supposed to be used as something trusty to keep your lifestyle organized. and you don’t need to be a good artist to accomplish that.

trust me, I’m not like one of those “I can never draw or do calligraphy like them!” bullet journalists you see on Pinterest and YouTube, but if you just started bullet journaling, remember that it’s your first time! you are going to make mistakes in the process! if you start comparing, you will become more discouraged and lose your own creative inspiration! don’t compare yourself to others.


oh, and yes, I took these following pictures at the beach! XD

if you’re not happy with the way you’re bullet journal came out, remember it all comes with practice. you want to make sure your BuJo fits you. so, maybe try doing your setup differently next time! you want to see what fits you.

so, let’s start off with the key (or legend, whatever.)

after researching a while before I placed my pen onto the paper, I found a couple of different ways people have been making their key. I eventually found one that fit my style, but again, there are so many ways! here’s mine:


most bullet journalists include an index to make finding specific pages a little easier, and since my BuJo has a small section for an “index” I added one in!


flip the page, and we have a quote! I mean who doesn’t like quotes? here’s the quote I put on my actual “first page”. if you can’t read it, it says “Dance with the waves, move with the sea, and let the rhythm of the water set you free.”


every bullet journal set-up includes: a future log, a monthly log, and a weekly, or (optional) daily log (which I’ll be going over later). the future log includes an easy layout to jot down whatever parties, important events, or holidays that might be going on that month.


the next page, is my summer bucket list! here I listed out my goals for the summer, and little task boxes to fill-in when completed. I haven’t written out all of my goals yet, but I’ll do it eventually!


lastly, before we get to my June Spread, I’d like to show you guys another quote page! (again, because who doesn’t love inspirational quotes?)


and, that’s it for my first bullet journal intro + inspo! hope you enjoyed looking through my beginning pages, but there’s more to come! let’s plan with me! June 2018.

Screenshot (6)

plan with me! + a very late June Bullet Journal Spread

it’s my favorite part! let’s plan with me, shall we? ugh, and yeah, I realize it’s like, June 30th.

to start off, this month, I went for a sunshine theme. and by the way, this was done Pinterest-free! except for all of the research I did… anyway, the sunshine theme was created originally and done without using Pinterest for inspiration! (and just wait till you see my mood tracker!)

first of all, we have my June Title Page! this first page was pretty simplistic, with a little “walkin’ on sunshine” quote to accent the sun. it was a very simple theme, so it was pretty easy to incorporate sun-ish things into my month’s spread. I just thought this theme fit “summer” pretty well, since I first think of June as the hot, sunny, summer-y month. XD


for my monthly log, I decided to go for that calendar look, just because it’s way easier for me to find things on a planner when they’re wide and spacious like this…


yes, it was time-consuming, but it was really worth it in the end! I was really pleased with it. and, yes, I planned this myself, with just a little bit of research.

the next few pages are my personal favorites. I thought of my mood tracker originally, and it came out so pleasing! the other page were just my goals for this month, to keep track of and reflect off of.


okay, I love these pages too. ❤ these next two pages were really fun to make! I added a simple “blogging planner” page to keep track of blogging, and also a little “birthdays and books” to keep track of books and birthdays, obviously.


ahh, the weekly spread!! the weekly log is a page where you can plan out your week! with details, to-dos, blog post deadlines, etc. I absolutely am in love with mine! I think I’ll try a different layout next month, but for now, I’m really liking the space and room to write with this specific layout.


last but not least, I created a mini reflections page as a look-back on the month. I also made a “Polaroid” of the month because I just thought it fit really well! for the reflections, I added a “highlights of the month” section because I can look back on it when I’m writing up my recaps I also doodled a little sun with rays to jot down what I was grateful for this month.


Screenshot (6)

and, that’s it for my June Spread! anyways, I hope you have an amazing week, and that I was able to inspire you with more bullet journal ideas, tips, and tricks that will help you along if you’d like to start a bullet journal as well.

Screenshot (120)

do you bullet journal? // what did you think of my bullet journal? // what are your plans for July? // how do you celebrate July 4th? // pour your thoughts out in the comments below!

happy bullet-journalling! xx

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recent portfolio additions + procrastinated photography // ft. much love for baby bunnies

Screenshot (126).png

I’m back with portfolio additions, along with procrastinated pictures, and a new love for bunnies.

this post is pretty self-explanatory, so I don’t think we need much of an introduction. but, I’d like to wish you all a late happy (official) summer solstice! hope you’ve been enjoying your summer break so far.

without further ado, sit back, relax, and enjoy scrolling my photos!

*NOTE: I’ve just added several more photos to this post. June 27th, 2018*

Screenshot (6)

portfolio additions

these next few photos were taken at an Annual Lavender Festival! the smells were wonderful.









these next few were actually taken while spending the night at a lakehouse with Emily and her family.





these ones were taken at Junior Guards. because who doesn’t bring all of their valuable personal belongings to summer camp??? (at this point, Emily just looked over at me and said, “Especially at the beach.” XD)


credits to Em for using my phone.

these ones were during a beach day with friends and family. because even after being at Junior Guards for 7 days straight, we went to the beach… again.


these next few are just pictures of Emily’s new baby bunnies, and also my adopted god-bunnies… Clover and Piper!

Piper’s on the left, Clover’s on the right. aren’t they sweet?
the lovely Clover.


the two lovelies!

Screenshot (6)

hope you liked those photos! I’ve been wanting to get all of these pictures off my draft list for a while now.

and, that’s all! I don’t have any updates, but I hope you enjoyed this post and my recent photography– and the little baby bunnies!

Screenshot (120)

happy official summer! // have any plans? // did you enjoy my photos? // favorite picture? // pour your thoughts out in the comments below!

have a beautiful rest of your day!

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My Summer Bucket List 2018 + inspiration and ideas for you

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AHHH. IT’S SUMMER, GUYS. *screams*

happy summer, friends! I hope all of you made it through finals not too badly. I’ve only been out of school for a little bit now, and freedom has been enjoyable– why not kick it off with a bucket list?

Image result for yeahhhh gif
it’s summer guys, c’mon.

most of you might already have your bucket list written out, but here’s my bucket list, and more inspiration and ideas if you wanted to add even more to your list! I mean, summer is going to be over faster than you think, so you might as well do as much as you can before… it’s over…

Image result for surprised wide eyed gif
me when summer’s over…

… but let’s not talk negatively, shall we?

Screenshot (6)

my summer bucket list 2018

  1. learn a new instrument, or take on a new talent or hobby. you could always learn something new! one of my main goals this year is to get a uke and start learning how to play.
  2. win Camp NaNoWriMo in July. Camp NaNo is a great way to keep up with writing over the summer. I’m really excited for July NaNo!
  3. buy a surfboard, and learn how to surf. I’ve wanted to surf for ages! I’ll be learning how to surf, all I need now is to buy a surfboard!
  4. do a movie marathon with friends or family. last year, my family did a movie marathon with the Planet of the Apes, and then we went to the movie theater to watch the newest movie! it was really fun and I hope to do it again!
  5. spend more time at the beach and not get sunburned! I know I’m already at the beach for, like, two weeks straight because of Junior Guards, but I don’t really go to the beach as often as I would like. plus, I’m wanting to buy a surfboard soon! (see goal 3) and not get sunburned in the process.
  6. host a beach bonfire with friends! I’ve been wanting to do one of these for so long! I went to one with my school and had a blast. I was thinking to host one soon.
  7. read 20 books by the end of the summer, or even more. summertime is also one of my favorite times of the year because of the chill time! you have so much spare time to read, write, etc. and I want to take advantage of that.
  8. go horseback riding more often. I love horses, and luckily I’ll be in the company of them a bit more during the summer.
  9. stargaze and take photos of the stars in the middle of the night. I’ve just recently did this when I stayed at a lake house in the middle of the desert. it was so refreshing to see so many stars more than usual. they just covered the entire sky with twinkling shards of light. I wasn’t able to take photos, but hopefully soon I’ll have the chance to!
  10. have donuts for dinner. XD yeah, this was a weird goal, but I’ve actually done this before and am striving to get my parents to let us do it again!! (pleassee, mom??)
  11. keep up with Bible reading habits!! which I definitely need to get in the habit of again ahem.
  12. try and learn a foreign language, and keep up with Chinese. I’ve been learning how to speak in Chinese although I can only understand 1/3 of it at the moment, for quite a while now! it’s definitely not my favorite thing to do, but it’s really worth it! except for the writing. asdfghjhgf. like… how?? it’s paper-balling and mind-exhausting.
  13. actually make a dent in my tbr. I HAVE TOO MANY BOOKS TO READ, GUYS. also, I need suggestions for a new series to start, maybe Hunger Games or Hobbit? suggestions in the comments!
  14. start a portfolio blog for my photography and such. I’ve been on the verge of starting one to showcase my photography and writing! I was thinking of starting a portfolio blog as an add-on to this lifestyle blog, would that be cool?
  15. make homemade fruit popsicles! ahh, popsicles are super fun to make during the summertime!! wait, wasn’t I going sugar-free?
  16. stay sugar-free. or at least try to stay sugar-free for the entire summer. *cough*
  17. take more photoshoots! photoshoots are so much fun especially for aspiring photographers like me. I’d like to do more of these since I actually have time now.
  18. audition for a musical and get a lead role. I haven’t been in a musical since last spring… I really want to try auditioning again! my competition season is going to be over soon, so I want to try theatre again.
  19. possibly sign-up for a summer craft fair? I just recently participated in a craft fair in May. it was such another awesome experience! (except for the fact I didn’t make any profit till end) 
  20. and last but not least, go camping! fun fact: I’ve never been camping before! never in my lifetime. XD so, maybe I can try that this year?

Screenshot (6)

and, there you have it! I hope all of you enjoyed reading my summer bucket list and I hope I inspired you with some other bucket list ideas! hope you’re having a great summer so far!

Screenshot (105)

happy summer! // what are some of your bucket list goals? // are you out of school yet? // have any book series suggestions? // what are your book fandoms? // you having a great summer so far? // let’s chat in the comments!

have a nice day. xx,

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I’m back! // May’s (very late) Recap + June Goals // future updates and announcements

Screenshot (49)

*NOTE: FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO READ THIS BEFORE: WordPress has deleted another one of my posts, yet again. I was forced to repost it. thanks!

Screenshot (6)

I get back to blogging, and we’re already half-way done with the year. seriously?

aloha lovelies*!

so, how is everyone today? well, I’m back from my 3-week blogging hiatus! I hope all of you are doing well this first week of June!

today’s post is simply just my month in review, life updates, and announcements to get the month going!

anyways, I believe that’s it for the introductions, so why don’t we get started already?

*AHHH. I realize this post is extremely late for a recap. but I love recaps, so, hope you didn’t mind that I posted this quite late. 

Screenshot (6)

May // a month in review + a life update

my life has had it’s ups and downs lately. let’s look back on my month, shall we?

*NOTE: I switched up these portions of my recap, just for the sake of your guys’ short reader attention span, and also for my own. XD I also did this so I could try seeing how different recaps fit my style.*

l i f e

May’s highlights

first thing first: I got grounded. from blogging, reading, end of the school year activities, etc. I mean, three weeks not being able to do what I have passions for? awful. completely awful. I definitely learned my lesson (which I don’t feel like saying.)

my dance studio had two competitions in May! we did pretty well, in my opinion, I just think that we could’ve done much better; but isn’t that always the case? if you wanted to know my scores, we hit all 2nds the first comp, and all 3rds in the second comp this past month. also, if you could, please keep my studio in your prayers! we’ve had some trouble these past few weeks with drama and etc. so, please pray!

I made it into Junior Guards! Em, Blake, Ty, and I all made it into Junior Guards for the summer! they held tryouts a few weekends ago, and we were all blessed to make it in!

it’s summer break!! for those who haven’t had the pleasure of freedom yet, I pray for you. summer is one of my favorite times of the year, and although I really am glad about summer vacation, I’m going to miss my school friends! (homeschool group friends, if you were wondering.)

Progressive Fun Night. let me explain… at the end of every school year, our (homeschool co-op) school hosts a scavenger hunt all over the city in which we live. there were different teams you would go up against! and although it was very hyped and sweaty, it was probably the funnest (wow, great grammar, Syd.) night of the summer so far! anywho, after the scavenger hunt, we were surprised by our director who bought everyone tickets to see Solo (which I’ll be doing a review on soon)! we even got to sit in the luxury theater with recliners and all that super awesome shabang.

b l o g g i n g

this last month, I was pretty much dead. blame her! *points randomly to the right*

but seriously. look at my list of 3 posts, or 2 posts if you don’t include the recap.

April Recap + May Goals // National Prayer Day– a recap post and a few prayer requests to celebrate National Prayer Day!

procrastinated portfolio add-ons (featuring photos and NaNo snippets) // verses of the month!– a simple post full of photos and snippets along with inspirational verses of the month.

happy Mother’s day! // my letter to mom– a short post with a mothers day wish and a loving letter to all of you wonderful mothers out there!

most popular post of the month

Screenshot (248)
this featured image turned out so blurry! ugh… anywho, this post came out with 90 somethin’ views, 40 likes, and 20 somethin’ comments! so, yay!

be sure to check out my surprisingly short list of posts and the post above if you haven’t had the chance to already!

blogging highlights

reached my goal of 135 followers! I gained about 15 followers this month… pretty good, right? and thanks to all of you for sticking with me!

I totally didn’t reach my goals. like I said, I was dead this month.

my mothers day post reached stats WAY more than I expected! I absolutely was NOT expecting moms from school to come up to me and tell me they were crying their eyes out because of my letter. 😂 my mom reposted this on Facebook, and many others did too!

stats were actually better than I expected on a hiatus like this! I didn’t know I would have stats higher than March, and March was my highest month next to April.

this past month was at very low stakes for blogging! and again, if you haven’t checked out and read the posts above, make sure you do before you leave!

b o o k s + w r i t i n g

we’ve gotten to bookish topics! how fun! yeah, get ready for the lamest book+writing month ever.

what I’ve read

// The Blood of Olympus // Trials of Apollo, book 1 // Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods //

why all Rick Riordan? and don’t worry, my current obsession should be over soon. and blame Rick Riordan for my lack of not reading other influential books, please!

recent writings

I am pretty ashamed of my writing productivity during May. I wrote two chapters of my NaNoWriMo novel? I think??

and that’s pretty much it! see? lamest writing month. ever.

Screenshot (6)

June // my goals and expectations

so, June is expected to be a very exciting month! I have JG, starting a summer bullet journal, more dance competitions, getting ready for nationals… let’s look on my goals.

  • start my summer bullet journal! I’ve just bought a brand new bullet journal for the summer! (what a coincidence, Em!?) I’m hoping to finish up my layout and get started in it pretty soon. I might post on it.
  • post a summer tbr and bucket list! I have TONS of books I’m wanting to read this summer, and I was hoping to post on my tbr and also make a dent in the list.
  • read at least 5 books or more! I have not been keeping up with my reading goals these past few months, but hopefully I will not fail this goal!
  • hopefully post that lettering collab with Em! we’ve talked about this for ages now.
  • don’t complain about my failures. I have a big problem with complaining, getting angry with myself, and always making mistakes in EVERYTHING. it’s my new goal to be thankful for my mistakes and to learn from them.
  • actually finish my blog design! my blog renovation has been going on for a month now and I plan to finish it this month (and maybe even switch it up even more…)
  • keep consistent with my Bible reading habits. I’ve been reading my Bible almost every day now, in the book of Ecclesiastes, just a chapter a day. I’ll be moving onto Proverbs soon.
  • stay in the habit of eating sugar-free for the entire summer! my brother and I wanted to try this out. my mom encouraged us to, but I really can’t understand how someone could live without chocolate.

and, those are my goals for June! I’m hoping I can encourage myself to accomplish them this month, as well as check off some things on my bucket list!

Screenshot (6)

updates // announcements

I thought I’d let y’all in for some of my announcements for this month!

  • I’ve updated my blog button! if you’d like to swap, let me know!
  • get ready for (hopefully) many summer-ish type posts! I’ve been planning and plotting a lot since I was on a hiatus, so I have many, many plans… muahahaha… XD just kidding!
  • I’m really thinking of changing my name + URL. I need opinions, please! what do you guys think of my name? The Weekly Adventurer? I don’t think my blog is living up to it. what do you guys think?
  • Em and I are currently in the process of that lettering post.we’ll (most-likely) have it up soon! maybe.
  • status update: I’m bored now.

Screenshot (6)

that’s the end of it! hope you guys enjoyed my recap and I hope your May was enjoyable, blessed, and a plentiful month. I definitely learned a lot this month.

(I’m still working on this “let’s chat!” thing.)

Screenshot (105)

// do you think I’m living up to my name? // are you on summer break? // did ya miss me? XD // are you excited for more of my upcoming posts? // let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

well, that’s all for now. xx,

Screenshot (43)

p.s. // go and give Clara some love! she’s hosting an awesome giveaway for 400 followers! have you entered yet?

happy Mothers’ day! // my letter to mom

Screenshot (248)

happy Mothers’ day to all of those wonderful mothers out there! 💖

hello, hello! I hope every single one of you is having a blessed day and a fun time celebrating Mother’s day!

all my mom wanted for Mother’s day, was a letter, which she asks for every year. this year, I thought I’d switch it up! this letter is supposed to go to all of those loving moms out there, including mine. 🙂 now, I’m actually not with my mom at the moment. I’m at my dad’s house, and because I’m not able to see you today, mommy, I thought I’d send you my letter to you through my blog. love you! ❤

Screenshot (214)

Dear Mommy,

I want to say two words: thank you.

Thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for leading me on my journey through life.

Thank you for listening to me every single day.

Thank you for being my biggest fan.

Thank you for your courage.

Thank you for taking every moment and turning it into a lesson.

Thank you for the most stressful moments you went through just for me.

Thank you for doing things for me that you probably didn’t want to do.

Thank you for being able to take on the hardest job as a stay-at-home mom.

Thank you for loving me no matter what.

Thank you for you, and for being my mother.

And, thank you for being a mother that even a million thank you’s could never be enough to even touch the amount thanks that you deserve.

Love you forever, and to the moon and back,

Sydney ❤

Screenshot (214)

hope you liked my mothers day gift, mommy!! ❤ love you!! see you tomorrow!!

again, I hope all of you are having a wonderful time celebrating with your family!

sorry for the short post. 😉 and, I’m still working on my graphics!

stay inspired,

Syd the Adventurist



procrastinated portfolio add-ons (featuring random photos and NaNo snippets!) // verses of the month

aloha, lovelies! 🍍*

how is everyone’s week? mine’s going well. I know this post is late. I took a 9-day blogging break. currently, I’m having a little weekend vacation in Carlsbad! another thing, Canva was not working with me today, so I’ll have to make the featured image later. :/

ANYWAYS! I’m back with some three week long procrastinated portfolio add-ons, showcasing some of my recent photos and my novel snippets. at the end of the post, I’ll have some verses that I’ve really been loving this past month.

without further ado, let’s get started!

*I’ve just recently found the pineapple emoji!! how cool is that? huh?

procrastinated portfolio add-ons // novel snippets // recent + random photography

alrighty, I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, but, like I said… I procrastinated. again.  don’t forget to check out my portfolio why’ll you’re at it!

*note: several of these pictures are taken in different locations, but I’ll note them when we get to those.

Screenshot (214)taken yesterday, at Corona Del Mar beach with Emily, Blake, and my brother!

I got this inspiration from Em! 🙂 her’s looked way better though. XD


ewww… the water was so gross that day! it was super cloudy!


(okay… here’s a snippet! and, please be aware that these are very random from the chapters. XD)

Narrowly, he missed the monster by an inch as it swept by. The monster skittered to a halt and pivoted on the ground. It charged at Mal again, and, on instinct, he slid underneath the monster, aggravating it even more.

Chasing the Wind, chapter 6


I really like this one! just the waves…


there’s Em and I!! inspired from Coastal Twins– luv ya guys! 🙂 I’m on the right, Em’s on the left. my hair looks absolutely awful.


blind camera selfie. XD
YASSSS! we went to Boba Me Baby (a new boba place that I just fell in love with.) with Em and Blake (and of course my bro.) and they had the cutest little shop!! it’s so tropical!! and read the sign!! <33 #BobaMeBaby


dunno what kind of plant this is! but, absolutely love the colors!

these were taken on Monday, at a the Living Desert zoo/garden trip in Palm Springs with Emily, Blake, and my brother! (by the way… there are about 10 more snippets in this one! don’t give up on me now!)

pass it on, #StandTallForGiraffe. it’s baby Shelly! isn’t she cute?! ❤ we actually got to feed her!! ahhh!

Joel was dumb, but also really strong. He lunged at Luke and threw him to the ground. Jade yelped as Joel smashed a glass bottle on top of Luke.

“I HATE YOU!!” She screamed at the loudest the could. Jade kicked and screamed out of anger. Joel would pay for that.

-Chasing the Wind, Chapter One

how majestic is this cheetah? she’s so beautiful, isn’t she?
random flower. still pretty, though!

And then they both heard it. A lush creek rippling against the rocks incasing the water. Jade rushed toward the creek and dropped to her knees, lapping in all the water she could to fill her dry, chapped mouth. As she finished, she hardly realized how thirsty she had been.

-Chasing the Wind, Chapter 3

this reminds me of Carol’s profile pic! XD

The air soon turned cold as the two finally made it through the marketplace, and out on the docks. The docks were eerily quiet except for the lapping of the water against the wooden path to the sea. The water was murky and dark, and Malachi shuddered thinking about the scary stories he remembered about sea monsters and sirens that swam beneath the surface, plotting their next move on the next sailor they would come across. He shook away the thought. How could those stories be real? They were only those silly ghost stories adults told children to scare them to sleep.

-Chasing the Wind, chapter 10

a baby hummingbird that was literally sitting there, posing, for about 5 minutes.

“Sir…” Jade said as they walked up to the old man. He opened his eyes in thin slits that made Malachi’s heart do a somersault as he stepped backwards. Jade paused in her sentence.

The old man’s eyes were the darkest, yet brightest, bloody red he’d ever seen. The man cracked a smile, which made Malachi step back even farther from the man. Most of his teeth were gone and the three remaining were the ugliest yellow and decayed teeth that looked as if they should’ve falled out ages ago.

-Chasing the Wind, chapter 10

it’s Baylee the cheetah!

“Who are you?” She asked, standing up slowly. The boy’s leg was bruised and was sparking in flares of pain. His entire body felt weary and tired.

“Who are you?” He responded.

-Chasing the Wind, Chapter 3

I forgot what the name was for this cheetah. argh!

Her eyes fluttered and Jade realized she was sleepy. She looked at Mal, who’s eyes were also droopy from exhaustion. The walking and arguing with Malachi tired her. Her eyes drooped, and she was dazed off into her land of dreams.

Her dream began with a nightmare.

Chasing the Wind, chapter 8


The cries of her brother echoing in her ears, the government of the North dragging her away from her house, Joel attacking her with glass bottles, the man fighting Malachi. All of her horrible memories of her past flickered in her mind, and with every memory she screamed and yelled and tried to make it stop.

-Chasing the Wind, Chapter 4

these next few photos were taken on a nature hike, again, with Emily, Blake, and my brother! I told you we see them a lot. XD


His eyes drifted up as though looking for words on the ceiling. He stood up and grabbed the torch from the ground, unwrapping the map from its handle. The boy observed it, and walked forward.

“My past.” He finally sputtered out. “I’ve been having, um, dreams about my past. I don’t know much, but, snippets.”

-Chasing the Wind, chapter 8

I have no clue what this is. I think a leaf or fern or something?!

The dream faded into another scene, and he saw his mother, coughing, dying, holding his hand. She’d tried to whisper in his ear, but the boy was crying so loud he didn’t even see his mother die. He never heard the last words his mother spoke.

When Malachi had finally stopped, he looked up, and saw his mother’s glazed eyes, staring blankly at the ceiling, her life finally taken.

He ran out of the house and promised himself he would never return there…

Chasing the Wind, Chapter 6



I really don’t know what to say about this one…


Their surroundings around them were beginning to stink and she crinkled her nose, Jade’s freckles sprinkling her pale skin. Malachi noticed she did that whenever she was thinking or something smelled bad, yet she still looked beautiful doing it. Her sea-green eyes sparkled as she blinked, and her long dark hair fell around her shoulders, knotted at the tips. Jade’s face was pale, but her smile was warm, as if it radiated heat. Every time Malachi looked at her, she was always smiling about something, which made him smile too.

Chasing the Wind, Chapter 6

dried up flowers of some kind

“Where are–” She was cut off by a nearby explosion. Jade and Malachi were thrown backwards, the smell of smoke entering their nostrils as a result of the explosion. This was not the way he wanted to be greeted after coming out of the tunnels.

-Chasing the Wind, chapter 9

I love this one! the colors are so bright, aren’t they?

What about Anna? He thought. What would Jade think?

He looked at the floor, just in time to see a shadow morph beneath him. Different things flickered in the shadow, first he saw a hunched old man, it became a tall woman, then a baby.

-Chasing the WInd, Chapter 7

why don’t we move on to the verses of the month? I’m getting bored of my own pictures…

Screenshot (214)

verses of the month // theme: strength

so, I was thinking, this month maybe try a theme for the verses? I was kind of already doing that anyway, but whatever. XD this month’s theme is strength in the Lord!

*note: thank you, my fellow best friend, Pinterest for these wonderful verses and quotes! ❤

no matter what troubles come your way, put your trust and hope in the Lord! He always accomplishes His will!
this wasn’t a Bible verse, but I just thought this was so inspiring to know that with God at our side, He will give us the strength to go on!


I am fairly sure most know this verse, but it’s one of my favorites! it’s so calming. 🙂

I hope you were refreshed with these verses of the month and think of them a bit more throughout May. I sure will! hope you enjoyed (again!!)

Screenshot (214)okay, everyone! so, I thought I’d just add this in before I sign-off… do you think that what you’re reading is my theme? The Weekly Adventurer? I’m supposed to be an adventurer, but my name sounds so much like one of those adult travel/eating blogs! (no offense to those who are, but you get what I mean.) I just think that I’m not living up to my name. I’m thinking about changing it soon. but, yeah, I just need some advice and a second thought on this. let me know your thoughts in the comments if you will!

we’re at the end of today’s post! again, for the third time, I pray you enjoyed taking a peek at my snippets and photos, and that you checking out my verses of the month. let me know I should do more of these throughout the month, maybe?

may you have a wonderful week! and, God bless you!

Screenshot (234)

// what do you think about my name? // am I living up to it? // do you love the beach? // are you an artist? // lovin’ the new blog design? // let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

don’t forget to smile today! xx,

(still working on my new sign-off, bare with me. XD)

Syd, the Adventurist

April Recap + May Goals // National Prayer Day

can you guys believe it? it’s already May. 🌼

aloha, lovelies!

can you guys believe it’s the end of the month? April zipped by way too fast for it’s own good. I pray all of you had a wonderful, and not too stressed of a month. (unlike me… hehe)

today, I’m back with my monthly recap of April and goals for May, since, obviously, it’s good to have goals and look back on accomplishments, am I right or am I right? and, since I don’t want to keep your guy’s attention span fried, I hope to wish you all a happy National Prayer Day and leave you with some prayer requests and announcements. 🙂

alrighty, you guys know what we’re doing today, so why don’t we get on with it?

Screenshot (214)

l o o k i n’ b a c k  a t  A p r i l // m o n t h l y  r e c a p

alrighty, so this month was pretty stressful, and pretty awesome at the same time! well, for one thing, it was my first month of NaNoWriMo, and it was my birthday this month! awesome, right? the bad thing is that it was really stressful thanks to the horrible state testing and NaNoWriMo.

for my life goals, I think I did pretty well!

g o a l s  a c c o m p l i s h e d // A p r i l

Organize my life better! ✔✖ eh… kinda? I have no idea if I accomplished this… XD so, maybe?

Organize my living space! ✔ I just cleaned up and organized my entire desk yesterday!

Start using my planner like I’m supposed to. ✔ I’m getting there… I guess?

Stop procrastinating!! ✔✖ half of the month I did, afterwards… I think I failed. XD

Win 1st place in dance comp! ✖ nope. but, I do think we did a lot better this time than the last.

Save up to get a ukelele and start playing!! ✖ I’m probably getting one this summer, so I didn’t achieve this one. BUT! since I already have a guitar, so my mother is signing me up for some guitar classes!

Get outside more. ✔ I’ve been going to the pool almost every day! and, I’ve took about 3 hikes this past month!

Filter through the ‘following’ on Reader. ✔ did that! XD sometimes, I’ll just decide to follow a blog just because the graphics look good, but my judgment is sometimes foggy and not that “judgemental”. especially when it comes to good-looking graphics.

I think I did pretty well with my life goals!

Screenshot (214)

b l o g g i n g  s t u f f s

I had a really awesome month when it came to blogging. 🙂

let’s look back at my goals…

hit 85 followers this month! ✔ hahaha. XD we definitely over-reached that one! we’re at 112 right now. thank you to all of you lovely readers who keep my blog going! you guys are the reason I’m still here!


Screenshot (231)
thanks so much, guys!! ❤


4 posts this month! ✔ um… I think we did 7 posts this past month. ahhh… I’m crazy.

Post more photography posts! ✔ did that! I posted about two photography posts!

Do another collab, or maybe guest post? ✔ ✖ I did a few collabs with Emily, but didn’t do a guest post!

anywho, over the month of April, you guys all know Em and I started a graphic design business, Syd and Em! this was kind of like an add-on goal, but we finally completed our website, which was one of our goals for the business! have you checked it out yet? if not, click here. << you know you want to…

I also, thankfully, got rid of all my awards for this month! I still have 2 more to do, but I think I’ll probably save them till later since one of them is the 3-days three quotes tag, which I’ll probably do sometime soon. *wink wink*

here are the posts for April! if you haven’t read them yet, make sure you do!

my posts for April

He is Risen + Verses of the Month – a short post with a little Happy Easter wish and the verses I found encouraging during the month of March.

March Recap + April Goals – a monthly recap of March and my goals for April!

Spring Photography + Announcements – just some recent spring photography at the California State Citrus Park and blogging announcements!

Rooftoppers: by Katherine Rundell // recent + random photography – my first book review and also some recent +random photography I thought I’d throw in!

award ceremony (liebster award, unique blogger award, and the blogger recognition award #2) – a pretty long post with some awards I’d been procrastinating on.

award ceremony #2 (Awesome Blogger Award // Eclispe Tag // The New Blogger Tag) – another long post with more procrastinated awards and tags! make sure to check this post to see if you’ve been nominated!

award ceremony #3 (who is God to you? tag // awesome blogger award #2 // versatile blogger award) – the last award post for the month! don’t forget to see if you’ve been nominated! ❤

most popular post of the month

Screenshot (196)

my first book review! I personally loved this post, so make sure you check it out if you haven’t already. this post was also the most popular post on The Weekly Adventurer. it has the most likes and views out of every post in my blogging journey. so… yay!?

monthly faves

I loved these posts the best! the award posts were fun, but they were just so long and not really exciting! I’m a lover of photography posts and short posts, just because my attention span doesn’t hold too long. XD I couldn’t even keep reading my entire award post without dazing off into oblivion. hmm…

let’s move on from blogging, shall we?

Screenshot (214)

b o o k i s h  t o p i c s // w r i t i n g  w a r s

for reading this month, I was kind of behind…  I only read about 4 books this month, so I didn’t reach my goal…

I read…

// Rooftoppers, by Katherine Rundell // The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan // The Son of Neptune, by Rick Riordan // The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan // The House of Hades, by Rick Riordan //

like I said, not that much reading going on…

reading goals

Read 8 books this month! ✖ I read 4. 😦

Finish the Heroes of Olympus Series ✖ I’m so close! just one more book and I’m done!

Do a book review on TWA! ✔ I did that! my first book review ever! check it out, here.

right now, my Goodreads challenge is at 22 out of 50. pretty good, eh?

camp NaNoWriMo

oof. that. I forgot about NaNoWriMo. ugh. 

for camp, I did kinda good for my first time?? I didn’t reach my goal, but I did my best.

my mom warned me about doing NaNo this month, especially since I have so much on my plate right now. 😦 she warned me to be okay if I didn’t reach my goal, but at the moment, I only finished about half of my goal? I know, I know, it seems really bad… but seriously, with dance and swimming for Junior Guards, PLUS injuring the arch of my foot (more about that later…), I really didn’t have much time this month. even though I had spring break.

writing goals

Finish up my novel for NaNo ✖ nope. 😦

Maybe write a few poems this month ✔ I wrote one sonnet for school, but that’s it…

this month with writing and reading was pretty lazy, and I am pretty disappointed… but school is ending earlier this month so I’ll hopefully be on to editing my novel by the end of May, hopefully.

let’s plan out my goals now! *exhales because finally done with the recap* the recap took about an hour to write.

Screenshot (214)

i t ‘ s M a y ! // g o a l s  a n d  s u c h

I’m excited for this month! I’m hoping I can accomplish my goals, and crush those aspirations I have! let’s get on with it then! so we can get this post over with because I’m tired…

life goals for May

don’t procrastinate! guys, this is probably going to be a never-ending goal of mine, so, bear with me.

win 1st overall in dance comp! we actually have 2 competitions this month! one this weekend, and another two weeks from now. look out for those posts.

my injury to be healed! as I said, I banged up the arch of my left foot. I’m praying it heals before my next dance competition this weekend because if it doesn’t, I could hurt it more, and I can’t dance for the rest of my life! and that would be absolutely horrible! 😦

finish off the school year on a good note with grades and such.

go through my wardrobe and donate some stuff (aka: the useless junk that I keep as a hoarder.)

so yes, hopefully, I can accomplish most, or maybe all of these goals!

blogging goals

reach 135 followers by the end of this month. maybe?

post 6 times! hopefully.

complete blog renovations because who doesn’t like blog renovations?!

start on Syd + Em’s latest assignment, designing a website (which I’m really excited about!!)

do 3 more awards, or if more, do them too.

get at least 20 followers on Syd + Em!

and yeah, that’s it. 🙂

reading + writing goals

read 7 books this month

complete novel, Chasing the Wind

start editing novel by the end of May

complete first draft of outlining for my next novel!

that’s it for my goals for this month! hope y’all enjoyed reading!

Screenshot (214)

N a t i o n a l  P r a y e r  D a y // p r a y e r  r e q u e s t s

happy National Prayer Day, everyone! today is such an amazing reminder that we have a Heavenly Father to go to with our anguish and pains. He is our Holy King and we should go to Him for everything! ❤ hope you had a peaceful day!

we’re getting towards the end of the post, so I’d like to leave a few prayer requests and an open spot for any prayer requests you might have. I mean, it’s National Prayer Day! why don’t we celebrate it?

anyway, if you guys could, it would mean the world to me if you’d pray for me, as I’m going through some rough times at the moment…

I am currently injured with bursitis, which is an injury in the arch of my foot. I landed on my left foot too hard while dancing and injured it. I took a break from dancing for a week, and just came back. the bad thing is, I re-injured it even worse than when it started and competition is this weekend! I’m hoping it’ll heal soon, because if it doesn’t, I won’t be able to dance for the rest of my life. so please keep me and my foot in your prayers!

secondly, my dance friend had to go to the hospital yesterday because her ankle might be broken. today, we’re reblocking competition numbers because she won’t be able to make it to comp. please pray for her and her healing! ❤

last thing, please pray for my competition and that all goes well. it’s only two days away and we need the most prayer we can get.

thank you all so much for keeping me in your prayers, I appreciate your support and all of your encouragement! ❤ did you have any prayer requests you might want to share with me? I’d love to pray for you through what ever you might be going through. you can contact me, or even comment below with any requests. thanks again!

Screenshot (214)

I don’t want to keep all of you bored, but we still have announcements to get through! I’m getting bored too, so you’re not the only one…

updates and announcements

  • my verses of the month will be up soon! I just didn’t want to put so much in this post since it’s so long already.
  • I’m hoping to do another collab with Emily sooner or later. we’ll be doing it on calligraphy/hand-lettering techniques + tips and tricks! stay tuned for that upcoming post!
  • get ready for a Q&A post to celebrate 100 followers!
  • my blog button is updated, but I’m still thinking about changing the design a bit. please don’t update it yet! I’ll let all of you know when it’s finished.
  • I’m in the process of a blog renovation! if you see anything weird on my blog, don’t worry, I’m currently re-designing everything. 🙂

okay, ladies and gentlemen! we’re done! hope you didn’t mind the long post… I’m praying for all of you today!

Screenshot (105)

have any prayer requests? // how was NaNo for you? // any tips on completing your novel? // do you do calligraphy or hand-lettering? (randomest question XD) // let me know your thoughts in the comments!

have a wonderlandiful day! xx,

Screenshot (84)