happy Mothers’ day! // my letter to mom

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happy Mothers’ day to all of those wonderful mothers out there! 💖

hello, hello! I hope every single one of you is having a blessed day and a fun time celebrating Mother’s day!

all my mom wanted for Mother’s day, was a letter, which she asks for every year. this year, I thought I’d switch it up! this letter is supposed to go to all of those loving moms out there, including mine. 🙂 now, I’m actually not with my mom at the moment. I’m at my dad’s house, and because I’m not able to see you today, mommy, I thought I’d send you my letter to you through my blog. love you! ❤

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Dear Mommy,

I want to say two words: thank you.

Thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for leading me on my journey through life.

Thank you for listening to me every single day.

Thank you for being my biggest fan.

Thank you for your courage.

Thank you for taking every moment and turning it into a lesson.

Thank you for the most stressful moments you went through just for me.

Thank you for doing things for me that you probably didn’t want to do.

Thank you for being able to take on the hardest job as a stay-at-home mom.

Thank you for loving me no matter what.

Thank you for you, and for being my mother.

And, thank you for being a mother that even a million thank you’s could never be enough to even touch the amount thanks that you deserve.

Love you forever, and to the moon and back,

Sydney ❤

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hope you liked my mothers day gift, mommy!! ❤ love you!! see you tomorrow!!

again, I hope all of you are having a wonderful time celebrating with your family!

sorry for the short post. 😉 and, I’m still working on my graphics!

stay inspired,

Syd the Adventurist




31 thoughts on “happy Mothers’ day! // my letter to mom

  1. hi Eleanor! sorry for the late reply. thanks for the nomination! I’ve actually done the Liebster Award before, but thanks anyways! (I do have an awards post coming up, and I’ll still link you!)


  2. hey El! awe, shanks. I’ve actually been nominated for that award before, the only thing is that I haven’t done it yet. XD I’ll definitely link you when I do do it though! thanks anyway. <3,

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