Autumn Bucket List // ideas and inspiration for you + fall to-do list

Autumn is in the air. 🍁🍂

Autumn probably ties as my favorite season along with summer. The different smell in the air as the warm summer days drift away. The pumpkin spice everything. (!!) The fiery hues of the leaves and the repetitive pitter-pattering sound on rainy days. I always get this feeling when autumn rolls around. It’s a wonderful feeling I just can’t explain.

This season I have so many things I’d like to do, and maybe some are things you’d like to do, too! Let’s hope I can accomplish these goals by the end of it all. Hope you all have an amazing season! And, a happy last week of September!

  • drink Starbucks’ seasonal drinks (pumpkin spice lattes and chai tea. !! <3)
  • make an autumn music playlist 🎇
  • sketch and doodle 🖌
  • buy fall scented candles
  • make pumpkin pie 🥧
  • buy warm socks, blankets, and big sweaters
  • read a book outside curled up in a blanket with hot tea
  • rake piles of leaves to jump and lay in (!!)🍂🍁
  • drink more tea 🍵
  • start Christmas gift planning + wishlists 🎄
  • penpal and write more letters ❤
  • go walking and puddle-jumping on rainy days 🌧
  • eat and drink pumpkin spice everything
  • reread Harry Potter ✨
  • climb trees 🌲
  • host a bonfire to roast marshmallows and make smores
  • go apple picking + drink apple cider in Oak Glen 🍎
  • journal on rainy days 📖
  • start listening to Christmas music in December
  • go stargazing 🌙

happy autumn! what did you think of my goals? what are your autumn goals? have you had your pumpkin spice latte yet? did you know it was fall? is fall your favorite season?

have an amazing weekend xo,


18 thoughts on “Autumn Bucket List // ideas and inspiration for you + fall to-do list

  1. Ooh this is such an exciting post!! ❤ It doesn't feel like autumn yet where I live, sadly, but I know it will soon, haha! I love your fall goals, I have some similar ones myself 🙂 and YES, fall is most definitely my favorite season!

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  2. thanks Maggie! 💖 aw… it isn’t where I live either. but hopefully soon! the only thing we have here is cloudy mornings. but I’m hoping for some rainy days soon. thank you so much! YES. it’s my absolute favorite season beside summer. thanks for commenting! ❤

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  3. You’re welcome! Aw that’s too bad – I wish it felt like fall in September for everyone. xD The only thing fall-related I’ve noticed where I live is a bit of a wind from time to time, haha, which isn’t very promising! Definitely, and you’re welcome! ❤

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  4. I forgot what fonts I used. 😦 sorry, Rhi!! I was having trouble downloading my original fonts to PicMonkey so I used some random fonts haha. good idea though.
    haha, thank you! xo


  5. A year ago, everyone was screaming about the pumpkin stuff at Starbucks, and I promised myself I would try it.
    I still have yet to do so. 😂
    I must do it this year!! Be adventurous! Try new things! I am giving myself a pep talk in the comments of another person’s blog! Sorry about that! (I’m exhausted 😛 I spent all of today cleaning)

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  6. I love fall, too, Sydney! It’s my absolute favoeite and I wish we had so much more of it here in this SoCal desert of Riverside. Love your list and your writing. Hope you enjoy doing these things!

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