HUGE Stationery Haul w/ swatches // obsession with Tombow + !! + stationery addicts welcome

I admit it. I have a huge problem with being obsessed with stationery.

Oh, and yes, if you were wondering, stationery is spelled with an ‘e’. I didn’t learn that till very recently, so there’s a lesson for you. Oh, and happy autumn equinox!!

I admit. I do have a very unhealthy problem of buying and having more stationery than I should. I am absolutely addicted to pen hauls (and Tombow. !!) and wish I could go on them more often. You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to see my Amazon orders come in on the doorstep.

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I think I need to stop ranting about how much I’m addicted to stationery. Why don’t we change perspectives and talk about the actual pen haul?

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PLAN WITH ME! // September 2018 Bullet Journal Set-Up

September has been here for a while.

And, luckily, I’ve come up with a decent September spread to show off to you guys. So, I hope you’re all doing well! Now’s the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy my September flip-through.

Oh, before we start I’d like to acknowledge the fact that this month was hard for me. I wasn’t able to start using my bullet journal until this week simply because me and my perfectionist mind hated every. single. spread I created. I don’t think I told you, but I created 3 different spreads for September. I spent hours on them, and I can’t even tell you guys how many pages I ripped out. But, recently, I’ve been obsessed with AmandaRachLee, Pinterest, and others, and it’s been bringing me down. I was starting to compare myself. Which is pretty much what I was telling you guys not to do. (sorry, I’m a hypocrite and it’s a problem)

I caught myself several times when I wanted to simply throw out my bullet journal and start all over again. I honestly wanted to give up. Of course, I never did, but that feeling inside me, the comparing, the rating, all that jazz, was completely dumbing down my own creativity, my own inspirations. I want to warn you guys, it will happen. I was telling all of you not to compare when I was doing it myself. It seriously, from experience, ruins your creativity. So, hopefully, you won’t make the same mistake I did. 😉

Anyway. Now, we’ll get right into the spread.

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My Summer Playlist // my non-stop playlists + 70s mixtapes

I listened to a lot of music over the summer.

But, at the moment, the season is slowly changing to fall (or spring, for you lucky Aussies), so I thought I’d do a little recap of my summer playlists. My taste in music kind of shifted a bit over the summer. It’s more chill, but still pretty peppy. I guess??

I happen to be a fan of oldies music, so please don’t be surprised when you’re bombarded with my 70s mixtapes. there’s a lot of ’em!

Without further ado, let’s move right along. Oh, and if you catch a song you’re into or was on your playlist, let me know in the comments. 😉

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Mountain + Forest Photography // trees + trees + a lot of trees

Like I said. There was a whole lot of trees.

No joke. They were everywhere.

But, anyways. Enough about trees. I hope you’re all doing well! How was your week?

I’ve just come back from a very pleasant camping trip to the mountains with my mom. I took so many pictures, but for time’s sake, I’ll only be showing just a few of the photos I took.(if you wanted to see more of them, they will be uploaded to my portfolio page.)

Without further ado, why don’t we get into it?

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