Autumn Bucket List // ideas and inspiration for you + fall to-do list

Autumn is in the air. 🍁🍂

Autumn probably ties as my favorite season along with summer. The different smell in the air as the warm summer days drift away. The pumpkin spice everything. (!!) The fiery hues of the leaves and the repetitive pitter-pattering sound on rainy days. I always get this feeling when autumn rolls around. It’s a wonderful feeling I just can’t explain.

This season I have so many things I’d like to do, and maybe some are things you’d like to do, too! Let’s hope I can accomplish these goals by the end of it all. Hope you all have an amazing season! And, a happy last week of September!

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Love from San Fransisco // pictures + Redwood trees + a whole lot of Italian food

San Fransico is cold. Straight out.

I will not take back the fact that the temperature completely changed from when I got on the plane, and when I got off. It was chilly. And, you know Southern California gets pretty warm during the summertime, so the temperature drop was something I never expected. BUT I LOVED IT.

For this post, I’ll be doing something a little different than what I normally do. I’m going to incorporate the trip pictures while I write so the post is a little less dense in photos… but, let’s get right into it!

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HUGE Stationery Haul w/ swatches // obsession with Tombow + !! + stationery addicts welcome

I admit it. I have a huge problem with being obsessed with stationery.

Oh, and yes, if you were wondering, stationery is spelled with an ‘e’. I didn’t learn that till very recently, so there’s a lesson for you. Oh, and happy autumn equinox!!

I admit. I do have a very unhealthy problem of buying and having more stationery than I should. I am absolutely addicted to pen hauls (and Tombow. !!) and wish I could go on them more often. You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to see my Amazon orders come in on the doorstep.

Related image

I think I need to stop ranting about how much I’m addicted to stationery. Why don’t we change perspectives and talk about the actual pen haul?

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PLAN WITH ME! // September 2018 Bullet Journal Set-Up

September has been here for a while.

And, luckily, I’ve come up with a decent September spread to show off to you guys. So, I hope you’re all doing well! Now’s the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy my September flip-through.

Oh, before we start I’d like to acknowledge the fact that this month was hard for me. I wasn’t able to start using my bullet journal until this week simply because me and my perfectionist mind hated every. single. spread I created. I don’t think I told you, but I created 3 different spreads for September. I spent hours on them, and I can’t even tell you guys how many pages I ripped out. But, recently, I’ve been obsessed with AmandaRachLee, Pinterest, and others, and it’s been bringing me down. I was starting to compare myself. Which is pretty much what I was telling you guys not to do. (sorry, I’m a hypocrite and it’s a problem)

I caught myself several times when I wanted to simply throw out my bullet journal and start all over again. I honestly wanted to give up. Of course, I never did, but that feeling inside me, the comparing, the rating, all that jazz, was completely dumbing down my own creativity, my own inspirations. I want to warn you guys, it will happen. I was telling all of you not to compare when I was doing it myself. It seriously, from experience, ruins your creativity. So, hopefully, you won’t make the same mistake I did. 😉

Anyway. Now, we’ll get right into the spread.

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